Muslim persecution of Copts In Egypt

“Do not salute them (Jews and Christians) first, and when you meet them on the road, FORCE THEM TO GO TO THE NARROWEST PART OF IT.” Hadith(Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 41, Number 5186)

“In Germany they first came for the Communists,

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,

and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —

and by that time no one was left to speak up.” –Pastor Martin Niemِller

First of all I’d like to say that the problem with the Muslim persecution of Copts in Egypt is that it’s indirect, for instance: the state allows building 10 or 20 Churches to show how they are tolerant with building Churches while banning 300 churches and allow 5 or 6 Copts for high posts to show they are tolerant toward the Coptic people while disallowing 7000(Tokenism). Muslim people smile in your face and stab you in the back. Muslims are not just are persecuting Copts but also frightened of taking the consequences of such shameful act which is the real problem: this is why the Muslim persecution of Copts is a Kind of Stealth persecution enough to make even some Copts believe there is no persecution..

The Persecution is practiced by the entire Muslim Egyptian nation not just by the Muslim people or just the regime as the well known Muslim writer Alaa’ Alaswani used to say, the regime persecute Coptic people to avoid wrath of the Muslim people because if they are fair to Copts ,the Muslim people will go mad, the regime never forget that Muslims assassinated Sadat for the peace treaty with “Jews”, the regime reads history and never forget that Muslim people in 735AD assassinated the Muslim governor Waleed Bin Refa’ah when he allowed Coptic people to build a church …

The persecution by the state is:
1- Impunity for Muslims who do harm to Copts.
2- forced reconciliation on Copts in trouble with Muslims.
3- the Coptic issues are handled always by the state security.
4- The government finances mosques only and not churches from the tax money from which Copts also contribute .
5- it’s very hard to get license to build a church and most of the requests are denied.
6- Ignoring studying the Coptic civilization in schools, universities, and media …. in Cairo university there is a center for the Armenian studies but no Egyptian university has a center or department for Coptic studies, most of the universities around the world has Coptic studies departments while the only nation which does not have is Egypt!!
I remember in the school we studied a lot of history of Arabs and Muslims who came from Saudi Arabia but I remember almost nothing we studied about Coptic civilization which is Egyptian.
7- To make it easy for Muslim people in Egypt especially for those who works in official positions, the state added a religion status box in it’s official ID cards. This will make Muslim clerks in the government and policemen distinguish Copts easily, why should they care about what the religious status of someone ,if they don’t persecute? Why would a state calls itself a “Secular state” do this??
8- The government refuses to issue a law for personal status for Copts.
9- The state allow Muslims to criticize Christianity in it’s biggest national daily newspaper “Alahraam” while disallowing Copts to criticize Islam, also ignores Copts in media, they just pretend Copts never existed..
10- In the legalization councils it is the same thing, Muslim voters never vote for Copts(his Holiness Coptic Pope Shenoda The Third) said this to ON TV last Year), they vote for Muslims regardless whether they are good or bad, and never vote for Copts and the regime does the same thing and fakes elections for Muslims to avoid Muslim peoples wrath.
11- There is almost no Copts in high posts of the government. The regime is not so stupid as to never put a Copt at all in a high post. They throw dust in your eyes and select one or two Copts of the type that is easy to control to show the world especially USA who sends Aid that everything is fine..

The Persecution by the people is:
1- No tolerance at all while dealing in real life, when Copts tell or make little mistakes , find Muslims are out to take revenge. A Coptic guy I know who was an army officer put his photos in the army uniform on facebook and somehow his leadership knew about it and he found himself facing a military court and sentence of one year. I see army officer putting their photos all the time on FB but never heard about any of them going to the military jail, but for sure when a Copt does this , it’s a good opportunity to remember the law suddenly.
2- My mom’s uncle told how in Yom Kippur/sixth of October war, Muslim soldiers used to instruct the Coptic soldiers to tell the Shehadatean (to say that Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his only prophet) so they would bury them when the Coptic ones died because if they didn’t say this ,they would never bury them when they died.
3- Last year I read on a Coptic website how Muslims caught a Coptic guy going to a sex place and killed him because he is a Copt while the hookers are Muslims!!
4- Once I was in the metro returning home with a friend in Ramadan and he was chewing a gum, Muslims are on a fast in the day of Ramadan, and they get very angry when they see a Copt eat, drink or chew gum, so suddenly one of the passengers yelled at my friend to let the metro door close. My friend was away from the metro door and was not holding it . The passenger kept yelling at my friend and said : “you are the ones who ruined the country” and the rest of the passengers yelled at us and many shouted: “Ya-masehyeen Ya-wlaad Elmetnakah!” which mean “You Christians the sons of fucked women!”, my friend and I had to remain silent and not to react to avoid making them more angry.
It was very possible for a Muslim to throw my friend and me under the metro that day, policemen never arrest or interfere in such situations.
5- In general indirect mistreating, abusing, especially emotionally, taking advantage, belittling, mocking, intolerance, margenizing and annoying Copts everywhere, every time because they are different which turn the Copts off and make them feel alienated.
6- Indirect Social abandoning, saying they are okay with you while they avoid being a friend of you.
7- Indirect boycotting Coptic shops and restaurants(economical persecution)
8- Once there is an opportunity to kill Copts they take it, like in Nagaa Hamadi, Alqeddeseen Church recently and Alkoshh and a lot of unreported cases
9- Muslim men can marry Coptic women but Coptic men can not marry Muslim women
10- Start riots every time Christians gather in a place to pray or try to build a church
11- Kidnapping Coptic girls, abusing and raping them
12- The Parliament voted to the cull of the pigs which is breed and consumed by Copts and forbidden in Islam
13- Kill, chase and persecute Muslims who convert while welcoming Copts who convert to Islam .
10- Blame & terrorize us for eating in Ramadan

Situation after all is sort of stable between Muslims and Copts in Egypt and never developed to be a civil war like in Lebanon and Sudan is because:
1-Copts never ask for their rights.,
2-some Copts learned to live with humiliation
3-and some Copts believe that if you asked for your rights this mean you are in love with the material world and abandoning the religion.
this is why it’s stable not because copts live with Muslims in peace.

Naguib Sawiris the well known Coptic tycoon said to the BBC Arabic that there is no persecution, because there is no massacres, regardless of Mr. Sawiris’s definition of persecution, there is a lot of Copts actually say there is no persecution and this is for many complicated reasons:
1- some say so because they have been abused before by their Coptic fellows so they hate and distrust Copts and may find it a good opportunity for revenge,
2- Some say this because they are not really persecuted because Muslims don’t persecute the powerful, rich and those with connections with Copts and as we said before persecution is indirect.
3- Some because they want to protect their business, properties and family,
4- some to insure social acceptance,
5- some have Stockholm syndrome,
6- some because they consider the persecution as a golden opportunity to go to heaven,
7- some are terrified of how huge and powerful is the persecution and became very desperate so they alter the reality and put the blame on themselves like saying: “it’s our mistake because we are cowards!”, “we have battered minority syndrome!”, “we are mean!”, “we have no ethics!”, “we deserve it because we believe in an illogical religion!”,
8- Some because feeling like being born in cages and humiliation is normal and this is why many Copts when immigrating to the states or western world in general and taste freedom wake up and call for justice for the Copts.

9- Some are islamophile,
10- Some are naïve,
11- Some are leftist,
12- Some are miscultured with Muslim culture and hate Copts.
13- Some are deceived..
14- some have self hatred

Thanks Dear Marie For Editing.