Dear… we are all son of bitches..

From my experience with the Coptic cause I can tell that the problem is with the copts themselves who have Stockholm syndrome and when the west try to interfere for the interest of the copts, they stop him and like telling: “don’t interfere! Muslims are our brothers and Islam never persecute us!”, copts are guilty as the Muslims in the persecution matter, this is why copts will live always humiliated and in shame..


Never Trust A Muslims!

who deliver the Coptic martyrs of Libya to Muslim terrorists is an Egyptian Muslim driver, he back-stabbed & delivered his fellow egyptians to Muslim terrorists just because terrorists are Muslims like him, Muslims loyal only to Islam and even if they have a state, they hijacked it to serve Islam!.., Never Trust a Muslim!

Why Israel tolerating Evil??

israel-palestineBeing tolerant to evil is a crime not less than the evil itself, Israel will never live in peace as long as she is tolerant to evil, Israel will never live in peace as long as she let Muslims live among her, the day Israel kick them out and stop being tolerant to them is the day she will live in peace..(I type this and pretty sure some Israelis will comment that there is good Muslims as there is bad and good in every religion, yeah ass holes like there is bad and good in Nazism, fuck you! you deserve yourself!)

Differences between Radical Muslims and Radical Copts.


Muslims Egypt is not at all Egypt

Iam Egyptian and think that Bibi policies align with what I believe as an Egyptian more than the Egyptian policies, this show you how twisted and corrupted the modern Egyptian policies are.. Egypt has been hijacked by Muslims to serve a Muslim agenda not a normal legitimate purposes..

Let me introdcue you muslims

Muslims hate to be different than others, the normal thing is most of people wish to be different and distinguished than others, while Muslims hate to be different than other Muslims, they do their best to be the same as others, have same interests, same point of views and they view being different is being weird and defection…

Muslim young generations are more conservative than their parents, the normal thing is youth are liberals while parents are the conservative ones.. and this shows who tell Muslims are getting better is wrong, Muslims getting worse, Muslims get fanatic more and more, in every religion believers get better in thoughts and applying Except Islam which show Islam is not the third part of Judaism and Christianity, Islam look similar but it’s very different than them..

the Arab spring in Egypt

The military in Egypt in Jan 2011 found a huge refusal to Mubarak and his men so they decided to satisfy the Egyptian people and remove Mubarak, this time they decided to follow the wave and don’t get in a confront with the Egyptian people to insure the soldiers won’t rebel, they let Muslim brotherhood out of jail, gave full freedom to leftists and liberals, let parties form, do a referendum and show that the country become good at last, they wait, wait and wait and when found Egyptian people get mad on the leftists who start the spring and the Muslim brotherhood they start to build another copy from Mubarak regime but in different faces.. so Egypt now is just like Egypt pre 2011, not good but this is the best ruler to Egypt one can reach..