The Armenian Genocide

once up on a time in USA:

A Coptic lady to a Turkish couple who thinks she is a Muslim Egyptian: are all Turks Muslims?

The other lady of the Turkish couple replayed: yes, because we killed all of the Christians, don’t worry..



Five Things to Know About Egypt’s Coptic Christians

Copts & Libya & Sisi

Muslims in Egypt are pretending to be angry for the Coptic Martyrs, in fact they pretend to to whitewash the reputation of Islam and to propagate it, they are taking advantage of the Martyrs, they care about the reputation of Islam than their fellow Egyptian copts, also I’d like to tell that the one guided the Muslims to the Coptic Martyrs are Muslim Egyptians in Libya, the driver lead them to the Muslims is also Muslim Egyptian, Sisi ordered to air hit ISIS in Libya to avoid Coptic wrath and to show he is in love with all Egyptians doesn’t matter if they are copts or Muslims, he also took advantage of what happened to show he is good.. #Egypt #Muslims #Islam #Copts #Christians #Sisi #Libya #ISIS

Cycle Of The Muslim Life

1- Muslims ruin Egypt with Islam.
2- Muslims persecute Copts.
3- Muslims race copts to west embassies to get visa and leave Egypt to a better society
4- Muslims take the chances copts may get in leaving Egypt.
5- Muslims arrive to better societies in west.
6- Muslims try to impose Islam on west countries they arrive to.


ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

What is culture in general?

To be able to answer this title’s question, one has to be acquainted first with the definition of culture in general. What is culture? The definition of culture is often confusing when it should be clear in the mind due to its enormous importance in our social and political lives. The most misleading definition of culture is that which equate it to intellectual and artistic works that are produced by humanity in its various groups, and which are considered to be of high quality and special. This definition was first introduced in the 19th century by the English poet Mathew Arnold (1822 – 1888) in his Culture and Anarchy (1867). According to this concept of culture, only people who produce or appreciate works of literature and art (such as novels, plays, paintings, music, and ballet) have culture, and can be described as ‘cultured’. The…

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Why Muslims of Egypt are not Copts?

 First Because they belong to Islam and Islam as the Muslim scholar Gamal Eldeen El’afghani told is a religion and a state and the nationality of the Muslim is his they work for the interest of the nation of Islam not for the interest of Copts or Egypt..

 Second: they are Muslims like the colonial invaders, who knows their origins?, may be they are the grand children of  a Muslims immigrants who came after the Muslim invasion of Egypt from Arabian peninsula, specially that many Muslim rulers of Egypt brought a lot of Muslims to Egypt to outnumber the copts and then dominate Egypt.. Muslim invasion was not only an invasion, it was a colonial invasion..